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GLC Annual Celebration 2015: Building on the Missional Markers

Date: Friday, April 24 – Saturday, April 25

Place: Faith Covenant Church Farmington Hills, MI, 48331

Phone: 248-661-9191

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Dear Friends in Christ,

On behalf of Faith Covenant Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan, I am pleased to invite you to take part in the 2015 Great Lakes Conference Annual Meeting. In 2014, our congregation celebrated its centennial, and so hosting the Conference Annual Celebration is a great way for us to kick off our 2nd century of ministry. The...

The Shining of “Distant” Stars

The Shining of “Distant” Stars

by Pastor Jesse Slimak, Evangelical Covenant Church, Leroy, MI

A disciple of Jesus being formed is like a star being formed; a star that shines not with its own glory, but the glory of Jesus.  Sometimes this is hard to see when it happens in what seems to be distant parts of the galaxy.  I am being a little facetious here, but in some ways it’s easy to view ministry at a church like Evangelical Covenant Church of Leroy as a distant part of the Christian galaxy. We have several “strikes” against us. We are both an old established church (125 years), and also a rural...

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